Our Beliefs


Man Holding Leather Bound Book --- Image by © Russell Underwood/CORBIS

God, who is the author of the Bible, which is the owner’s manual for life.

God created human beings to be in relationship with Him and have authority over the earth. Man’s disobedience broke the relationship with God, and contaminated man’s control of the earth with sin and evil.

Because God loved the world so much, He sent His only begotten Son, Jesus, to restore the broken relationship and recover the authority that had been lost. Jesus is not just the Son of God miraculously conceived and born of a virgin, He is God come to us as a human (Emanuel).

Jesus paid the penalty for our disobedience by dying on the cross as our sin-substitute. He was buried in a grave, but was resurrected three days later with victory over sin and the powers of darkness.

Now, Jesus is no longer the only Son – He is now the first son, because we are now children of God, too. A person becomes a child of God by having faith in Jesus Christ, repenting, or turning away from a sinful life, and by being spiritually re-born!

When we are re-born, the Holy Spirit comes to live inside us to give us the power to live an authentic, victorious and prosperous Christian life.The Holy Spirit also gives us spiritual gifts to continue the ministry that Jesus started – that of restoring relationship between God and man.

The Bible teaches us that as believers together we make up the Body of Christ, with Jesus being the Head of the Body – the Church.  The presence and power that was experienced when Jesus Christ walked the earth is now to be experienced in the earth today through His new Body, the Church!

Connecting to a local church is important to strengthening relationship with God, building relationship with one another, and sharing His abundant grace with those who are not yet in relationship with Him.  We let them know that God is not holding anything against them!

We believe that one day Jesus will come back to take His believers to live with Him in eternal peace and joy, and He shall reign forever and ever, and we shall reign with Him!


Growing people from Grace to Greatness.


Passing the MantleIn the late 1950’s Bishop Gary Hunt began commuting from Michigan to lay the foundation for a new church he felt called to plant in the South. In 1958 he left the security of an established pastorate in the Greater Detroit area and moved his wife, Ethel, and small son Dwayne, to Memphis, Tennessee to form Apostolic Faith Temple.

A man of faith, Bishop Hunt’s unending theme was “Faith, Love and the Perfect Man.” Through his teaching and prayers many people across this nation experienced healings from diseases and physical ailments, especially cancers. Through his pastorate many people experienced transformation in their lives, transcending spiritual conversion into generational increase and abundance.

In 1989 Bishop Hunt retired, with the pastorate being assumed by his eldest son, Dwayne Hunt. Building on the foundation of his father, Pastor Dwayne Hunt began overseeing positive changes in the ministry, one of the first being changing the name of Apostolic Faith Temple to Abundant Grace Fellowship.

Under the leadership of the new Pastor Hunt, Abundant Grace Fellowship has emerged as a cutting-edge ministry with a dynamic influence in the Mid-South, impacting the religious, social and economic arenas of the region.  Serving as a spiritual gatekeeper to the Mid-South, Abundant Grace Fellowship has been the home of many “first” in the region.

Bishop Gary Hunt went home to be with the Lord in August of 2003 and this year marks Dwayne Hunt’s 27th year as pastor.  The story of this unique ministry is still being written, as Abundant Grace Fellowship continues to “Grow People from Grace to Greatness.”