What To Expect

Abundant Grace is full of friendly people who are anxious to welcome you and make you feel comfortable. We can’t wait to see you! Come on, check us out!


Dynamic Worship

Worship is a high priority because it honors God, and sets the atmosphere for His presence in our gatherings. Our celebration includes songs of praise, heartfelt worship, dance and drama. Join the excitement!


Relevant Teaching

Our pastor is a master teacher who takes us on an incredible journey of discovery through the scriptures, revealing its hidden treasures, then applying them to today’s realities; adding untold riches to your life and leading us into a deep relationship with Jesus Christ. Join the adventure!


Ministry to Children

We are passionate about children meeting Jesus on their level, and learning how to follow Him. So we teach them the bible in creative ways they can understand, in a safe, nurturing environment – that simply screams “fun!”


Genuine Expressions of Grace

Here at Abundant Grace we understand that church is not just about our connection with God, but about our compas-sion for each other. We cannot say we love God, without loving our brothers and sisters. The picture above is just one example of our “one another ministry” as moms of every age come together and pray for another mom whose son was seriously injured while playing sports. Come experience the heart of God through the compassion of our members!